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Earn Cash Back on Purchases

Get Paid to Shop Online

Earn cash back while shopping at thousands of stores just by using your Wallet.

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Get Paid to Shop Online

How It Works

Find a cash back store

Find a cash back store

On Shop, look for stores with the green cash back label.

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Activate cash back

Activate cash back

Click a store’s activate cash back button or choose an offer that includes cash back. Both options will take you to the store’s website.

Buy! make your purchase as usual


On the store’s website, make your purchase as usual. In a few days, you’ll get a cash back confirmation email from

Get your cash back

Get cash

Every three months, we pay your cash back balance* through PayPal. You can connect your PayPal account and see your balance on your My Cash page.

*Balance must be $10 or more to be paid. Balances under $10 will be rolled over.

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Get double cash back & more

To hear about double cash back weeks and other big offers, subscribe to our emails. We’ll make sure you never miss a deal.

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Your Cash Back Questions, Answered

Explore all FAQs

Why are some of my cashback purchases marked pending?

Pending indicates that your purchase is still in the return window or that your travel booking is still in the cancellation window. Once the return or cancellation window has passed, the purchase will move to Processed. Pending or Canceled purchases will not be paid out.

I didn’t get the cash back I earned. What should I do?

Report any problems by clicking on the “Missing Cash Back” button on your My Cash page.

Where can I see the fine print on’s cash back program?

Read all of the details on the Cash Back Terms page.

Participating Merchant Partners and eligible products are subject to change. Please see Merchant Partner’s terms for more information. makes no guarantee of continued merchant participation.