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How do you easily prove that you are you when you are online? How do you prevent large organizations from collecting and selling your personal data without your consent? At ID.me, we have built the ID.me Wallet and the ID.me Identity Gateway to make online transactions more efficient, trusted, and transparent. We are building a model for digital identity where you, not businesses, are in control of your personal information.

Making Digital Identity Personal

More and more of your everyday interactions are moving to the digital world. In the physical world, it's easy for you to take out a driver's license or ID card to get a discount or special access. In the digital world, your identity does not become less important -- it just becomes harder to prove. That's where we come in.

Welcome to Your Digital Wallet

ID.me Wallet empowers you to store all of your digital ID cards so that you can easily prove your identity online via a single login. With ID.me Wallet, proving that you are you is as easy on websites as pulling an ID card out of your physical wallet is during in-person transactions. Plus, we give you a simple online dashboard so you can monitor activity associated with your ID.me Wallet and manage your IDs.

ID.me Wallet ID.me Wallet

Who Uses ID.me?


Millions of individuals like you are verifying their identity with ID.me Wallet to easily gain access to discounts and other benefits online. Verify once and use your identity at hundreds of integrated partners across the ID.me network.


Hundreds of your favorite brands, such as Under Armour, SeaWorld and Verizon, use ID.me’s verification technology to offer exclusive discounts to members of the following communities: Military, Students, First Responders, Teachers and Government Employees.

Verification Solutions for Businesses

Government Agencies & Non-Profits

Government agencies and non-profits, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heroes initiative use ID.me to enhance individual access to benefits and services and prevent fraud through strong identity verification services.

Our Story

ID.me began as an effort to help military members form a trusted online community marketplace. Soon after, we realized that problems with digital identity impacted everyone on the internet. To solve this challenge, we built the ID.me Identity Gateway to empower users to Sign Up or Sign In to websites with logins they already have. Check out our path below.

  • May 2011 Feb. 2010

    TroopSwap starts as an academic project at Harvard Business School.

  • May 2011 May 2011

    TroopSwap begins to offer daily deals exclusively for the military community.

  • November 2012 Nov. 2012

    Troop ID, a military verification API, allows organizations to verify their own users; Under Armour is the first to integrate.

  • July 2013 Jul. 2013

    TroopSwap is re-named ID.me. Verification services for Students, Teachers, and First Responders go live.

  • November 2013 Nov. 2013

    The United States Department of Commerce awards ID.me a multimillion dollar grant to develop capabilities to verify American's legal identities for high risk transactions.

  • April 2014 Apr. 2014

    USAA leads a Series A investment into ID.me.

  • September 2014 Sep. 2014

    ID.me gains accreditation from the federal government to issue a Single Sign On for sensitive online transactions involving citizen access to government services.

  • September 2014 Sep. 2014

    ID.me launches ID.me Shop, a free loyalty program that gives members free cash-back when they use ID.me Wallet and ID.me Shop to make purchases from brands.

  • May 2016 May 2016

    The VA awards Vets.gov contract to the Ad Hoc Team, including ID.me, to improve Veterans access to digital services through Vets.gov.

  • September 2016 Sep. 2016

    The United States Department of Commerce awards a second grant to ID.me to continue developing capabilities and expanding identity verification systems for high-risk transactions in State and Local governments.

  • Mar 2017 Mar. 2017

    FTV Capital leads a $19m Growth Equity Investment Series B round into ID.me to further invest in sales, marketing and product development.

Meet the ID.me Leadership Team

ID.me was founded by U.S. Army combat veteran Blake Hall, driven by the goal of improving online identity verification for military personnel. Using the technology initially developed to serve the military community, the team is now focused on making online identity more efficient and more trusted for everyone using the Internet. Today, ID.me is home to innovative developers, strategists and security professionals. Meet some of the minds behind ID.me.

  • Blake Hall
    Blake Hall
    Blake Hall Founder & CEO
  • Michael Morrison Chief Financial Officer
  • Mike Brown Chief Technology Officer
  • Julie Filion Chief Marketing Officer
  • Tanel Suurhans Executive VP of Technology
  • James Pottenger VP of Business
    Development & Sales
  • Pradheep Sampath VP of Product
  • Claudia Rojas VP of Human Resources

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Our team is consistently recognized for our innovative technology and positive company culture. These awards act as a constant reminder of our commitment to improvement and hard work. Check out some of our recent awards.

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ID.me is funded by visionary investors that see the potential in creating a single place to manage digital identity. Thanks to their generous support, we’ve been able to build a smarter, more secure platform.

  • FTV Capital
  • USAA
  • Red Swan
  • Box Group
  • Blu Venture Investors
  • Scout VC
  • K Street Capital
  • CIT GAP Funds
  • Kelly Perdew

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