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Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Advertising Exclusive Group Offers with ID.me

ID.me enables brands to reach new customer segments through placements on ID.me Shop, targeted emails, and social media.

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Marketing with Proven Results

ID.me offers its retail partners more than a group verification solution-it also grants access to a robust network of millions of shoppers. Tap into this network to promote your latest discount programs and acquire new customers in valuable segments.

Promoting Your Exclusive Offer with ID.me

Reach ID.me’s millions of email subscribers and Facebook followers, many of whom are already verified with an affinity group.

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General email campaigns rounding up ID.me’s best and most recent offers

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Targeted audience email campaigns for verified military, student, first responder, teacher, and government users delivering offers specific to that group

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Dedicated email campaigns showcasing a specific retailer or discount program

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Social media posts and ads on Facebook

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Sponsored content posted to the ID.me military blog

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Banners on the ID.me Shop homepage

Why Brands Promote Group Offers with ID.me

Increased traffic to their offers Increase in verifications Return on investment