Age Segment Verification

Instantly Verify Customer Age and Provide Exclusive Discounts

Deliver exclusive deals to customers in specific age brackets such as seniors with age verification.

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Why Use Age Segment Verification

Age verification empowers brands to drive customer acquisition and brand loyalty within a targeted age group, such as seniors and millennials, while preventing fraud. It also allows brands to offer exclusive discounts to groups like military veterans and first responders while adhering to age limits required by law.

Who we verify


The 76 million Americans over age 50 control 70% of the nation’s disposable income, yet only 5–10% of marketing is geared towards them. Target this thriving, yet untapped market with a senior discount.


The Millennial age group includes individuals between ages 22–37. This group spends $600 billion in the United States every year, and 54% make purchases online. Nurture brand loyalty with Millennials using an exclusive discount.

Adults 21+

Age 21 is a common threshold for the lawful purchase of regulated items. Market to young shoppers across several demographics while ensuring group discounts only reach the intended age segment.

Custom Segments can verify any age bracket important to your business. Extend your discount programs to the right audience without risking fraud.

More Ways to Verify

Checking Age Records

Checking Age Records

Customers can input personal information such as their name and date of birth to verify their age. checks this information against multiple authoritative databases to verify customer age.

Document Upload

Document Upload

Users can upload images of driver’s licenses, passports, and other identity documents to verify their age. The team manually reviews document uploads every 60 seconds at a secure U.S.-based facility.

Why brands verify age with

Superior Fraud Protection

Protect your exclusive discounts from ineligible customers and unauthorized resellers.’s technology detects fraudulent verification attempts and abuse.

Frictionless Customer Experience

No hoops to jump through to complete a purchase. New age verification happens seamlessly in-cart. For repeat purchases, customers are re-verified in 2-clicks without having to re-enter the same data.

Easy to Deploy's technology is simple to integrate and can be completed in a few days. Our scalable API integrates with any platform and is developer friendly.