In-Person Identity Proofing

Verify Identity In Person with the Trusted Referee Mobile App

Use in-person identity proofing to onboard users and create compliant digital credentials to secure digital platforms.

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Icon in person phone offers an iOS and Android mobile app to help your organization verify the identity of customers in person in a compliant and auditable way.

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The Trusted Referee Mobile App guides the Trusted Referee through a simple identity proofing process, complete with document capture and real-time data validation.

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Organizations can designate trustworthy individuals in specific roles as Trusted Referees or leverage's Trusted Referee network.

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Individuals nominated to serve as trusted referees must complete an online training and certification program administered by in order to identity proof applicants.

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The app complements's online identity proofing solution to ensure that all users can easily create a credential to secure access to high value services online.

In-Person Proofing Process

The Trusted Referee Mobile App provides step-by-step instructions to facilitate a compliant and auditable in-person identity proofing process.

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Step 1:

To start the process, the user must visit a Trusted Referee in person. The referee logs onto the Trusted Referee Mobile App on a mobile phone.

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Step 2:

The user presents their identity documents, such as a driver's license and a passport, to the Trusted Referee. The Trusted Referee scans the documents using the app.

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Step 3:

The Trusted Referee helps the user set up two-factor authentication on their new account. This helps make the user's account more secure.

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Step 4:

To complete the process, the Trusted Referee attests the authenticity of the user's documents and application through the app. A NIST 800-63-3 compliant digital credential is generated.

Why Organizations Choose

NIST 800-63-3 Compliant

Assist users challenged with online identity proofing and meet IAL2/AAL2 identity proofing and authentication standards to comply with federal and state-level requirements.

Trusted Referee Network

In-person identity proofing can also be deployed by employees in your organization or completed at organizations partnered with, such as Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs).

Why use in-person identity proofing?

In-person identity proofing solves the needs of wide breadth of users:


Expedient for individuals who are currently using in-person services and will need digital platform access at a later time.


Provide additional support for individuals who are uncomfortable with technology.

Hard to Identify

A solution for individuals who are challenged with online identity proofing due to the limitations of traditional authoritative data sources (users of unregistered prepaid phones, with limited credit history, or frozen credit).

Without Passport or Driver's License

Accept a wider range of proofing documents for individuals without traditional documentation such as driver's license or passports.

What information is required for in-person identity proofing?

To complete in-person identity proofing, users must present the following pieces of information:

  • Icon checkmark First and Last Name
  • Icon checkmark Birthdate
  • Icon checkmark Mobile Phone Number
  • Icon checkmark Email
  • Icon checkmark Address
  • Icon checkmark Social Security Number
  • Icon checkmark 2 Primary documents or 1 primary document & 2 secondary documents
Primary Documents
  • Icon disc U.S. or Canadian driver's license
  • Icon disc U.S. Passport or passport card
  • Icon disc Federal or State ID
  • Icon disc Permanent Resident Card (I-511)
  • Icon disc Military ID
  • Icon disc Foreign Passport with I-511
  • Icon disc Employment authorization card (I-766)
Secondary Documents
  • Icon disc Credit card
  • Icon disc Health Insurance card
  • Icon disc Social Security card
  • Icon disc Birth certificate
  • Icon disc School ID with photo
  • Icon disc Voter regisration card
  • Icon disc Temporary resident card
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